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PANAF 2 is a liquid specially formulated and intended:

  • To equip plants with the essential biomaterials to ensure that all the growth, maintenance and defense mechanisms function optimally
  • To ensure that plants have the necessary biomaterials to cope with biotic and abiotic stressors, and to maintain a healthy growth equilibrium
  • To facilitate the biomaterials necessary for optimal photosynthesis, especially under adverse abiotic stress conditions
  • To ensure optimal fruiting , flower and pollination functioning



A special blend of Essential oils, Flax Seed Oil and Vitamin E



PANAF 2 can be applied through conventional ground equipment, aerial application, or through properly equipped irrigation systems.

Soil Application: 1L per hectare.

Leaf Application: 1L per hectare.



  1. Use 200 part water to 1 part PANAF 2 - 1:200.
  2. Put 200 parts water in a tank.
  3. Add 1 part PANAF 2 to water in tank.
  4. Mix the water with the PANAF 2.


  • Increases Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll. The Department of Botany at Northwest University did a comparison of leaf surfaces treated and untreated to assess the effect on Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll. The graph right shows that PANAF 2 (ANODS) increases Photosynthesis 5-fold. This will have a chain-effect on the energy potential of the plant, and its resilience and growth.
  •  Increased nutrients. The tables on the right show the difference in nutrient content of Beetroot, Spinach and tomatoes respectively using PANAF 2.
  • Increases plant structure. The photo on the left shows the enhanced growth of the roots of spinach after 8 weeks.


  • Increased crop yield. We have shown above that the maize crop was increased by 29%. The spinach crop was increased by 18%.


  • Production cost reduction. PANAF 2 is formulated with natural macro-nutrients of NKP. Due to the liposomal delivery mechanism, these nutrients are transported directly to cells. The amount of chemical fertilizers used can therefore be considerably reduced.

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